Almádi MTBO 2018 Hungarian Champinup, Czech Cup) 
1-2. September 2018. Saturday-Sunday

Organiser: Bridge & Orienteering Club of Veszprém

Organising Committee:
Event Director & Course setter: Viktor Hites
Controller: Imre Engi

Event Center:
Vörösberényi Kultúrház (Culture House of Vörösberény)
Cím: 8220 Balatonalmádi , Gábor Áron u. 6.
GPS: 47.04693721686 | 18.006724813492

1. September, Saturday 14:00 Sprint Hungarian MTBO Championship
2. September, Sunday 10:00 Hungarian Cup Middle distanceTerrain: Balaton Highland with many asphalt and gravel roads beetween gardens, in the forrest the most roads are very good passable with the bike.

Map: MTBO map drawn and resurveyed in 2018

Classes: M/W 21E, B M/W14, 15-17, 18-20, 40, 50, 60, M50, M70 Open (beginner)



Entries received by E-mail will be confirmed within 2 days. If no confirmation received within 2 days, please repeat the entry. Only written entries, as described above, accepted. Required entry data: name, club, class, competition, number of own chip, date of birth

Punching system: SPORTident system, all chip generations (SICard 5-11) can be used, Air+ (range: approx. 40 cm) with SIAC SPORTident chips can be rented for € 1,00 (HUF 300) /competition (lost chips will be charged at HUF 10.000). Limited number of Air+ chips (SIAC) may be rented for all 2 stages for € 4,00 (HUF 1.200) (lost chips will be charged at HUF 22.000). Please, indicate you request at the entry!

Prizes: Almádi MTBO top 3 athletes in each class on the overall results of the 2 competitions will be awarded with medals, the winners will recevied special prizes. The top 3 athletes of the national championships will receive medals.


  • The event is open for everyone, no club membership or athlete's licence required.
  • For the national championships only Hungarian passport holders with national licence will be ranked.
  • Bicycle helmets are compulsory.
  • Competitors enter the event at their own risk. The organisers do not accept responsibility for any possible damage, accident or personal injury.
  • Athletes are responsible for damage caused by them. Each athlete accepts these rules by submitting an entry to the event!
  • Athletes accept with their entries that photos and videos may be taken during the competitions that may be published over the internet and in other media channels!
  • There are low grade public roads and bicycle lanes in the competition area!
  • At the Event Center of the competition planning we are planning a buffet and on Sunday lunch we will serve hot goulash for 1000 HUF/ person/ portion, For the goulash please make an order ahead of time using the following e-mail address:

Information: Viktor Hites Tel.: +36-30-347-63-56 E-mail: